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Welcome to Humble Bee Books where the BUZZZZZZZZZ buzzzzzzzzzzz BUZZZZZZZZZZZZ is always uplifting.  Thank YOU for taking the time to visit us as we are honored to serve you. We invite you to take some time looking through the Book and CD catalog for a more in-depth description of our products.  And always remember, you are valued and loved just for who you are!

Mission statement:

Provide avenues and resources for people to enhance their well being through books, games, CDs, and counsel that emphasize fun, family, learning, unconditional love, and traditional wholesome values.


Humble Bee Books, where the buzz is always uplifting.

Books and CDs

If you are interested in books containing wholesome and meaningful messages you have come to the right place. We trust the children you are purchasing books for will be encouraged, uplifted, entertained, and blessed by the messages and lessons found within the precious stories located here at Humble Bee Books.

If you are seeking  relaxation and renewal CDs with a Christian focus, we trust you won’t be disappointed. The From God’s Heart to Yours CDs offers a very unique and anointed experience with the Holy Spirit, Father God, and Jesus.

Check out our Testimonial page to see what people are reporting.  Some truly amazing things.

American Family Living Radio Broadcast:

The hosts of American Family Living’s Spread a Little Love Around program became aware of Humble Bee Books children’s stories and invited Matt Gabriel and Sandy Bench to be interviewed. As part of a week long broadcast, Gabriel and Sandy were asked to discuss their ministry and the messages in their books. An AFL representative sent a message stating, “I was blessed by the books. I believe that they present a great tool and they are very in the “now” as far as kids go.”  Radio Host Jene Wilson stated “Your (Matt Gabriel Bench) writing style reminds me of C. S. Lewis… I am already familure with the great art work of Pete Berg (Humble Bee Book illustrator)…  Humble Bee Books has a great mission and I hope it gets bigger than vegetables (reference to Veggie Tales).”  Note: I don’t pretend to be half as good of a writer as C.S. Lewis, but I do try to be the best me I can be, and I also know God loves me and values me just as I am -MGB



Children’s books with wholesome Christian based messages are timeless.

Children’s books with wholesome Christian based messages benefit all who read them.

Children’s books with wholesome Christian based messages benefit those who are touched by those who have read the books and have taken the messages to heart.