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If you have purchased one of our books or CDs we would love to hear from you. Did you like the book/CD or did you not? We are also hearing some amazing stories regarding the messages in the books, and how the From God’s Heart to Yours CD is helping people. We invite you to write us at to let us know of your experiences.

Here are a few of the testimonials we have received so far:


My son was having issues with fear. He was having trouble being alone and couldn’t sleep by himself at night. I had him listen to the CD and it has had amazing results. He listens to it every day and he now sleeps by himself at night. The CD is definitely anointed.
- Police officer

After I listed to your CD, I immediately knew I had to give it to someone. I felt so strongly about it that I drove to Seattle right then to give it to her. She has been listening to it every day and is now doing much better.
- School teacher

My wife has been having trouble going to sleep. She has been listening to the CD to help her go to sleep at night.
– Aerospace engineer

I downloaded the CD on my ipod and listen to it everyday. Though I don’t suffer from stress or anxiety, hearing God speak over me is wonderful. Six months later – I still listen to it at least twice a week.
– Employment specialist

Your CD is wonderful. I would like to give out 3 immediately. Our Fathers words being spoken in the first person has a huge positive impact. Thank you for sharing!
- Training director

The CD is fantastic. I feel a great peace and happiness when I listen to it. I really like how it calls my awareness to the way in which God provides for me, so I don’t have to worry. And I find it does greatly reduce my feelings of anxiety and stress. In fact, sometimes during a stressful event at work, just knowing the CD is at home and I can listen to it later is an instant relaxer. I like how I can take time to be thankful with the CD, and how I can open up my heart to happiness and a big smile while feeling God’s love. All in all, the CD is really the right path to helping me trust God, relax in his leadership over all things, and be thankful and happy about the gift of life. (letter received)
– Grocery store supervisor

I love your CD! Thank you so much for making it. It helps me to feel covered. I have often struggled in my life to feel secure. Your CD helps me to know that God loves me and watches over me and protects me. I think because of the scriptures you’ve chosen and your warm, wonderful voices, the CD is very soothing and strengthening. I love how Matt starts out the scripture with “My Child” and ends with “My beloved child” like God is talking to us. The CD is definitely helping me to feel more secure and strengthened. I hope that more people will hear it and be helped by it. And, when you make a 2nd CD-please let me know – I would like it. God Bless you and I thank you for serving Him.
- Public school Teacher aid  (thank you card)

I was able to listen to the From God’s Heart to Yours CD with my sister who had a terminal illness. Immediately after listening to the CD, we were able to have a very rich conversation about God, including a salvation conversation. I then asked her if she wanted me to pray for her and she said “please do.” The prayer included salvation language to which she was agreeing to during the prayer. She died two weeks later, but I now have hope I will rejoice with her again one day on the other side of this life when we meet in heaven. I praise God for the results. Praise you Jesus. Thank you Heavenly Father. Amen.
- Trying to be obedient servant of Christ

I have shared your CD with one of my relatives and he is really finding it helpful. Very soothing and relaxing.
- Retired job training supervisor

“When I received Ella Bunny for Christmas for my granddaughter, I put it on the shelf. I pulled it out yesterday (February) and read it to my granddaughter. Not long afterwards I received a call informing me that my son “John” was in jail. As I was driving down to see my son, the sceen from Ella Bunny, where Ella confronts Furrow and tells him what he did was wrong, then forgives him and gives him a great big hug that he feels to his heart came to my mind. As I saw my son, I replayed that sceen with me taking the place of Ella and my son taking the place of Furrow. The results were the same as we embraced, shed some tears and expressed our love for one another. I am thankful to have read Ella Bunny and thankful for what it did for my son and I.”
- Human Service manager

“Roaring Whisper is my favorite book. We were asked to give a book report on our favorite book and I picked Roaring Whisper”
- 9 year old fan

“Thank you for Ester Bunny.  My son wants me to read it to him every night.  It has been five nights in a row now reading it to Simon per his request”  – Parent of a 5 year-old

“This is a well-crafted and significant story. Its content holds together from beginning to end, weaving the efforts and triumphs of Ester into the timeless wonder of Easter Eggs – a big winner for children.” – Children’s book editor

“This story is so wonderful. Youth and adult alike will connect with this story. It is destined to be an Easter classic.” – High School English Teacher

“Loved the Book!!! Great and illustrated well, very warm and charming and excellent message.” – Four Square Pastor.

“What a lovely story. It definitely held their (childrens) interest. I could definitely endorse Ester Bunny” – Pre School Owner

“I am particularly pleased that the work that you have put together has the potential to bear fruit of a permanent nature…to impact the minds and the lives of others especially those of children, in a positive nature is the maximum profit one can realize.” – Manager of large printing company

“I loved all of your books!!!  I wasn’t sure where Ester Bunny was going right up to the end, and what a great ending.” – Sales representative