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Mary Bench loved “Kitty Cats” and had a dream to open a rescue farm for Cats in Half Moon Bay. She passed away on October 13, 2011 at the age of 58 before realizing her dream. In February 2012 my wife and I (Matt Gabriel and Sandy Bench) met John Taylor and his wife Maryanne. They also have a heart for homeless animals and have written a delightfully cute and humorous book to raise awareness of the need to support them. The Taylors give of their time and money to support their local Maui Humane Society. John’s children’s book is titled A Kitty’s Tale and is told by Boots the kitty. Boots the Kitty is quite a rascal. Her adventures are funny and heartwarming as she goes from rescued kitty to one of the family.  This book can be purchased through the Humble Bee Books catalogue. 100% of the sales are passed through to John and Maryanne Taylor, who in turn give a portion of their proceeds to the Maui Humane Society.  You  may also email Maryanne at if you would like.

I own both of the Scripture Lullabies CDs and just love them, especially volum 1.  They are great not only for use at bed-time for children, but also great to relax to for adults.  Humble Bee Books does not have any financial ties to Scripture Lullabies, we just want to promote a great product.  This is what I received from Scripture Lullabies when asked if I could put their link on our website:  “”There are now two volumes of Scripture Lullabies out. If you don’t have them both, you can check them out here:” Use coupon code SLPROMO12 to save 15%. I hope you bless Scripture Lullabies and bless yourself by ordering these CDs. – Matt Gabriel Bench