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Easter Bunny Fables trilogy author and CD producer:

Matt Gabriel Bench lives in Lake Stevens Washington with his wife Sandy. They have been happily married for 41+ years. They have three children, Ethan, Tyler, and Holly, and five grandchildren.

Matt Gabriel has had a heart for children and people in general throughout his life. As a youth he had the reputation of protecting vulnerable youth from being bullied. As a young adult he worked in youth programs where he focused on venues that nurtured youth’s well being and healthy development. Through his adult years, he continues to prioritize his community involvement towards mentoring,  nurturing and encouraging youth in positive ways. He served as a Snohomish County Children’s Commissioner for many years; lead and/or taught children’s church for over 30 years; coached youth sports for over 15 years where he was dedicated to placing the well being of the youth above the numbers on the scoreboard; initiated efforts to recognize youth for their positive contributions and “Good Samaritan” like treatment of vulnerable students through community recognition events and development of a High School scholarship. He is currently serving by teaching middle school class at The Lamb of God church.

Matt Gabriel’s interest in writing is an extension of his interest in reaching out to youth to deliver messages that they enjoy, are meaningful, encouraging, and reinforce the fact that they are valued and loved just as they are.  He also believes there is a child in all of us, so his stories are enjoyed by everyone that is a child at heart.


From the Author:

My dream is that children of all ages feel accepted, loved, and valued for who they are. And remember, there is a child in all of us.  So, everyone, no matter what age should enjoy and get something out of these fables.

I truly believe, there but by the grace of God go I.  People have told me that my writing style reminds them of C. S. Lewis. I suspect these folks were being overly kind. In my humble opinion, my stories are more in line with Aesop, as in Aesop’s Fables and Stephen Cosgrove.  One person may have said it the best when they wrote ”Gabriel Bench’s books are short and snappy enough to hold the attention of children, yet long enough to develop a creative and logical plot line with moral teachings.  His books illuminate the costs and rewards associated with choices made while always providing an avenue for redemption.”

Easter Bunny Fables is the collection of the three stories written in a series where the Easter Bunny is the central character.

Ester Bunny is the first and most entertaining book of the Easter Bunny Fables trilogy. This book will take you on a wild ride from beginning to end. It has many twists and turns with an unpredictable ending.  It covers facing challenges connected to having unique talents, the importance of not giving up on dreams, the role of mentors, and the hand of providence. Ulitimately, they will know that it is ok to be different.

Evan Bunny is the second book in the Easter Bunny Fables trilogy. It delivers an uplifting message about pride, humility, courage, and second chances.

Ella Bunny is the third book in the Easter Bunny Fables trilogy.  The story delivers a message of joy, acceptance, and unconditional love that we all need to hear, believe, and experience.  If it doesn’t touch your heart, I don’t know what will.

Roaring Whisper came to me like a lightening bolt and conveys a simple yet profound message we could all take to heart.

All of the stories are designed to entertain, encourage, inspire, and teach wholesome principles we can all benefit from. I hope they touch and bless everyone who has the opportunity to read them.  So far, the feedback received confirms the books are well liked, and in at least one instance has even had a profound influence on improving family relationships.  Check out the testimonial to get the scoop.


The From God’s Heart to Yours CDs were developed out of necessity, since there is nothing out there like them. People suffering from anxiety or fear or medical conditions have found anywhere from significant relief to amazing results from experiencing the benefits from these CDs.

The Heavenly Maui CD is just very relaxing to listen to and we hope you make time to relax and enjoy.


Humble Bee Books illustrator:

Pete Berg is a gifted graphic artist with a focus on Children’s books. Pete lives in South Carolina and has a heart of gold. Pete has illustrated all of the books in the Easter Bunny Fables trilogy as well as illustrating Roaring Whisper and A Kitty’s Tale. It is clear to see that Pete has raised the bar for his illustrations in each new book. Pete also provided the graphic design for the From God’s Heart to Yours CD series. Humble Bee Books is so very blessed with Pete’s giftings and talents.  Having these books in your collection would be worth the art work alone.


From American Family Living Radio host Jene Wilson:

“Your (Matt Gabriel Bench) writing style reminds me of C. S. Lewis… I am already familure with the great art work of Pete Berg…  Humble Bee Books has a great mission and I hope it gets bigger than vegetables (reference to Veggie Tales).”   Note: I don’t pretend to be half as good of a writer as C.S. Lewis, but I do try to be the best me I can be, and I also know God loves me and values me just as I am -MGB